ETH market cap closing in on 50% of BTC market cap


After the recent rally in the price of ETH, the market cap has climbed to an extraordinary $543 billion. With the market cap of BTC currently sitting at $1.193 Trillion, ETH has a MC equivalent to 44.76% of BTC.

If the current sustained growth continues as ETH moves forward as a deflationary coin, there is a very good chance that it will pass the symbolic 50% mark, depending on how hard BTC pumps between now and EOY.

Either way, that 50% is inevitable and it’s at that point that the FOMO will kick in and push ETH to even greater heights – towards $15K.

The idea of Ethereum having a market cap of 50% the market cap of BTC seemed a long way away just a year ago, but if the current rate of growth continues for both ETH and BTC, it’s likely they will achieve parity before 2030. Possibly even a lot sooner than 2030.

For everyone holding ETH, rejoice. Every single one of you will eventually be rich as fuck.

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