Eth Gas Fees Suck


Just venting.

Want to accept an offer for a nft on opensea, and it costs 140 dollar gas fee. I’ve only got 60 dollars worth in my wallet.

So I try to swap a couple hundred dollars worth of a token I have on uniswap and the gas fee is more than the 60 dollars eth I’ve got in the wallet.

So in order to accept my nft offer I’m gonna have to pay over 200 dollars for the privilege, which I don’t have in eth and am unable to obtain via my tokens. Ridiculous. All the excuses people give for it is bullshit, dealing with eth will be a rich man’s game if it stays like this.

I’m effectively done trying to do anything actually useful on the eth blockchain. Will be trying out Solana, Algo, Tezos maybe Cardano when smart contracts are out. Anything would be better than eth at this point.

And yeah yeah layer 2 solutions blah blah blah, sorry but naa, if I have to jump through hoops just to do anything, it’s no good. Maybe I’ll come back in 10 years when it’s maybe usable and “eth2.0” is close to being done.

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