ETH fees are too damn high


Yes, this is a great coin and it is a top technology, and maybe ETH will be number one but those damn fees..

I say this from the perspective of the average user.

How to explain to a newcomer who wants to buy, say, an ERC-20 token that he has to pay hundreds of dollars to perform ordinary transactions.

And then the newcomer needs to be explained that a fee that can cost him hundreds of dollars can be lost forever if the transaction fails.

Cryptocurrencies should make our finances easier, not harder. And I’m sorry to say this, but I think that with ETH 2.0, the fees will also be incredibly expensive.

In the real world, people aren’t used to paying that much for everyday transactions.

How do you even start researching and trading ETH if you are from some country where salary is less than the fee that we need to pay?

The vision of the crypto future should be cheap, nobody wants to pay a few hundred to enjoy that freedom.

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