ETH 2.0 won’t fix gas prices….am I wrong?


I keep seeing in a lot of different threads in this sub the notion that with ETH 2.0, the insane gas prices will come down and the network will be useable for small scale again. Am I wrong in thinking that the switch to Proof of Stake won’t have any impact on the gas prices?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that the reason for gas the way it is right now is because of limited block heights forcing higher and higher bids for transactions to be included. Will that really change based on the proof system? Ethereum will still have the market it has now (if not more) and therefore the traffic. I figure Ethereum needs to change a lot more than that (and I believe they’re working towards it) but 2.0 coming isn’t going to be the grand savior that everyone believes it will be


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