Ergo, the most shilled coin in this sub, is one of the worst performing coins of the month


To be clear, I have nothing against Ergo. It’s just a simple analysis that could be useful especially for new users.

At end of August everyday there were posts about ERGO. This shilling lasted the whole September.

“ergo is a gem that is going to explode soon” “if you like Cardano, you can’t miss Ergo” “Ergo is what will make Cardano amazing” “at least 100$ by the end of the year”

Ergo was worth about 18$. Now it’s worth half the price although the whole market is growing.

Will ergo succeed? I don’t know. What’s clear is that everytime a coin is shilled in this sub, it will inevitably fail.

In the past months, the most shilled coins were LTO and VET and they both performed terribly.

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