ERG (Ergo) is getting popular. Don’t miss out just because you “don’t know how to buy it”


The general consensus from this subreddit appears to be that ERG is one of the new favorites here.

And for good reasons:

Probably the most closest cryptocurrency to Cardano in terms of partnerships, ties and ideologies

Ergo’s core dev being Alex Chepurnoy (yes, THAT Alex Chepurnoy)

It doesn’t allow mining farms, limits PoW nodes

Utilizes Oracle Pools (UTXO-based) and smart contracts

ErgoDEX’s beta was a flawless success with Cardano according to dev testers (despite the amount of recent FUD with the UTXO model)

Market Cap is nearing $1B USD (up x60 since January 1st, 2021)

ERG’s amazing tokenomics (no pre-mined coins exist, eventually the Ergo Treasury will cease to receive a percentage of mining rewards to better decentralization)

ERG has a very healthy supply of 97 million tokens, the treasury is only expected to hold 4% at the end of the distribution

And so forth. So yes, this is the most early point for ERG investors.

But the same concerning statements keep coming up here:

“I don’t want to open a KuCoin/CoinEx/ exchange account”

“I’m going to wait for Binance/Coinbase to list it. That’s the exchange I use”

“I don’t know how to buy it”

I’m sorry, but these are terrible, terrible excuses. I understand the concerns for investing on an exchange you’re not familiar with, but these are all reputable exchanges (KuCoin being one of the top 5 right now in terms of volume).

And by the way, you can mine ERG with any GPU that has more than 3GB of VRAM

Imagine having the same thought process for Bitcoin back in say 2012. Buying Bitcoin back then was not exactly easy as it is today. No one really understood anything about wallets, deposits were harder through banks, etc. But it was possible. And it’s even easier today for coins like ERG.

I can say first hand that KuCoin is a reputable exchange. Yes, you can deposit USDT. Yes, you can trade ERG for USDT. Yes, you can withdraw your ERG to another wallet. It works just like any other exchange.

And yes, some of them use KYC. It’s not a big deal.

And yes, it is without question getting listed on Coinbase and Binance. No, that is not confirmed, nor can it be as the developers literally aren’t allowed to even speak about new exchange listings until they’re given approval.

TL;DR Don’t be lazy. Search how to buy ERG if you’re interested in it. KuCoin is one way and is a decent way to buy it currently. Just sign up, verify yourself, deposit USDT, trade for ERG, and you’re done.

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