‘Enough with the stupid wanna be motivational speaker posts about why crypto is going to the moon


This sub was much better when it was all stupid memes. Now every other post is some nobody’s stupid motivational message about why crypto is going to the moon even while the market tanks and why we’ll all be the smart rich ones in five years blah blah blah. Nobody knows anything. We may all be rich in 5-10 years or we may all be bankrupt and living in a cardboard box due to our HODLing. But regardless, these posts are all low quality posts by people that are scared and trying to convince themselves of something. Nobody cares about the opinion on how the future of crypto will play out from an anonymous poster on Reddit. And if you think sane, rational people that are deciding if they should put money into the market are coming here to do research and seeing that and deciding they should enter the market then you are wrong. Normal people see these posts and it confirms their belief that everyone here is a brainwashed cult member and that they should run in the other direction.’

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