El Salvador irresponsible for buying Bitcoin dips. Meanwhile US government sitting on $30 trillion debt that will never be paid back.


First let’s get something right.

El Salvador is not down 15 million on Bitcoin investment. That’s fake news. El Salvador will more than make up for it from mining.

El Salvador is also not “investing” in Bitcoin. El Salvador is looking to leverage it’s rich natural geothermal energy resources to transition to a Bitcoin economy.

Bitcoin city will be a circular economy where locally everything will be priced in sats. So you can shove your US dollars.

The only people who care about dollar price going up and down are people still treating Bitcoin as an investment. You’re buying with the intention of selling at a higher price.

Some of us have no plan to ever sell bitcoin. We have already moved on to a superior monetary system where no central authority can print money for free out of thin air which other people are forced to work for and pay taxes. Everybody must prove they worked for money.

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