Either we’re in for a huge six weeks or all those EOY predictions will look absolutely foolish. What’s your guess?


Let me start by saying I’m not bearish, I’m not selling and I don’t think this bull run is over or anything like that. All the same, almost all price predictions I’ve stumbled upon seem unrealistic at this point in time.

I’m not judging just yet but looking at the 30days chart, the likes of ETH (+14,6%), MATIC (+6,43%), DOT (+1,14%) aren’t up by much. Bitcoin is up barely more than 2% compared to October 16th and, right now, below its April ex-ATH .

We haven’t really seen this current bull run take off yet, have we? Some small caps have pumped pretty well but top50 coins haven’t at all. Is BTC 100k still on the cards? Is this all a good sign and we’ll see a prolonged bull run well into 2022? What are your expectations?

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