Education is not Free and everyone has to pay with his time, effort or mistakes.


Education is not free. Never has been, you can’t just inject knowledge in your veins.
You have to pay for it in some shape or form.

That being said, yesterday I overheard some coworkers talking about crypto. I stopped and joined the convo, not revealing I’ve been in crypto for quite some time.

After 10 minutes of listening, not a single time was BTC, ETH or anything in the Top10 mentioned!
All those morons cared about was that $8k SHIB lucky guy they read about on twitter.
Two of them had invested in Doge and some other coin I’ve never heard of and kept hyping themselves about how they are going to quit the 9-5 when doge hits $1. After this I’ve had enough.

I tried to explain some of the basics I’ve learned about the technology, the market cycles, market cap and I felt like I was the stupidest SOB on the planet!
I looked like I was talking Shakespeare to drunken baboons at 3 am in the Pub!
”BTC, ETH? Maaaan those are going to do 3x in 3 months at best! Doge’s done a gazilion x in no time, making people millionaires! You gotta risk it to make it, homie, if you want safety go buy Apple stocks.”

I smiled, the retail is here.
The dumbest money entering the market are the people that are about to pay the price we have all paid – education.
Some pay it with effort and sleepless nights, while others pay with their mistakes. Either way, Education is not free, the fee has to be paid.

Enjoy it VETs, the Retail has entered the market!

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