Don’t trade away your core holdings like BTC, ETH and BNB for the coin of the week. You will end up wiping out your portfolio.


You might be tempted to pull from your core holdings to buy into new and exciting projects, or just the latest coin that is pumping. It’s easy to slip into this pattern and after awhile you’ll be holding bags of random coins that have sense dropped in value or get rugpulled.

The reality is, once you trade away your core positions you may never get them back. Only rarely will you get lucky and be able to trade back and buy more BNB than you started with.

Hold onto and add to your core “high cap” positions for long term safety and risk mitigation. Only reserve a small amount for Moonshots or other coins climbing up CMC.

I recently did this with my BNB and ended up wasting quite a bit of it, luckily one small cap coin I bought did 6x and I think I’m back to where I started, a bunch of stress for little reward sucks.

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