Don’t tell your friends and family what to invest in. Just tell them what you are doing and let them make their own educated decision.


During a bull rally it is really easy to tell your friend and family to invest their money in certain cryptos that you “think” are going to pop off and make you a millionaire. All this will lead to is disappointment in the end. You are not a financial advisor and you don’t know more than anyone else, beside the whales, what a particular crypto is going to do. Only tell them what you are investing in and then let them make their own decision. I’ve read to many posts from people saying that their friend is panicking because they told them to put X amount of dollars into something for it to only drop after a short pump. Now, they are pissed at you because they lost X amount of dollars. Then they paper hands out because they don’t have the stomach to HODL.

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