Don’t support your crypto like it’s a football team


Less so in this particular sub (though it’s still rampant), but in the darker sewers of reddit (spent a most humorous hour browsing the safemoon sub) and into the wider public it’s readily apparent that crypto is extremely tribal, bordering on cultish. People treat these coins like they would their favourite football team, perhaps with even more ardent delusion. What’s even weirder is the sizable minority who tribally oppose certain coins (ADA as an example), with people so invested in actually seeing a coin fail.

We aren’t rational beings, we make irrational choices everyday, and you only need browse any reddit sub for a few minutes to see how illogical, and how willing we are to shape, warp or ignore information to fit the narrative we want to cultivate. This is all fine to some degree, but if we’re investing, it’s incredibly sub-optimal to sink into this tribal mentality. You shouldn’t care which coin makes you your best return. If safemoon actually did offer (it doesn’t) the best long term return, i’d be all over it like Homer simpson at a lobster buffet. Why do you care if it’s SOL, ADA, or LUNA that “wins”, as long as you’re in it, it doesn’t matter. Conversely, if you’re in only SOL, and ADA goes parabolic too, why do you care? If Doge pumps to a dollar, i couldn’t give a fuck. I’m not invested in it, but i don’t begrudge others if they make a return, just as i don’t have sympathy for people aping into bad coins and losing money.

Take emotion out of your decisions, don’t treat your coins like your drinking buddies or family, treat them as an investment, be ruthless with them, and don’t care about how you achieved your financial goal, just care about getting there through whatever means necessary.

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