Don’t Rush


Chill little home skillet biscuit, the bear market ain’t ending anytime soon. Don’t feel the need to ape in at every dip. This is not financial advice but I think the best thing we can do right now is dollar cost average. We all know that anything can happen in this market. I have people all over Twitter saying we’re going to moon and that we’re going to continue to nuke downwards. By DCAing you limit the impact of volatility.

Okay this post isn’t another “you should DCA post” so much as it’s a be patient post. I know these prices are attractive but that doesn’t mean you have to ape in and try to time the bottom.

Unpopular opinion as well, but if you have a long term mindset, I don’t think it’s a bad time to be buying. I hear a lot of “many alts won’t reclaim all time highs!” … Look, if we’re buying now we don’t need anywhere near all time highs to profit (although ATHs are preferable).

All I’m saying is relax butter milk biscuit, cause every little ting gon’ be alright.

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