Don’t panic sell; stick to the plan. You’ll be okay!


Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to make this quick post, in light of what’s going on with the market.

(Take nothing I say in this discussion seriously, this is my all my own personal opinion. Do not assume this as any form of advice, DYOR)

So unless you live in a pineapple under the sea, you’ll notice that the crypto market is a little red. Well, maybe that’s an understatement. But I don’t believe this is as low as we’ll go. Let me explain:

I’ve read a lot of comments over the past 24 hours, (give a little), that we’re nothing but panic selling, and loosely saying that crypto is done for the year… here come the bears, etc…

Now, this could be true. I’m not here to say it isn’t, although, I am here to tell you that this is where real money can be made. Wednesday 9:30pm EST, the Chinese markets will open here in Canada. I’m suspicious of an even bigger drop; unless Evergrande figures something out, but I highly doubt this will happen.

Remember this: “Bull markets make you money; bear markets make you rich”.

This is the perfect time to accumulate your bags. And if you’re unsure about buying right now, and you’re patiently waiting for the Chinese markets to open, (like me), just wait. We could see a sell off, or we could see a slow climb back to where we were before this dip.

If you don’t have any available fiat, don’t sell your positions. You can’t lose if you don’t sell. Crypto and the technology behind it is going nowhere. We will see crypto make life changing moves again. Play the game long term, patience will bring virtue. This I can promise you, this is the one thing in this entire discussion I want you to take seriously.

Stick to the plan.

God bless you all,


(Again, take nothing I say in this discussion seriously; this is my all my own personal opinion. Do not assume this as any form of advice, DYOR)

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