Don’t Overlook MATIC


As of today, Polygon announced that they have partnered with Draft Kings, worth 20 billion dollars, is a digital sports entertainment and gaming company. They aim to, “accelerate the adoption of NFTs and Web3. DraftKings will leverage its expertise in digital sports to introduce a whole new audience to NFTs.”

DraftKings marketplace is built on Polygon itself, and is a digital collectibles platform for mainstream accessibility that enables NFT airdrops as well as secondary transactions.


The new Coinbase NFT Marketplace will more than likely be using Polygon as its platform :

Coinbase wants to use Polygon for scaling their functionalities

Mentioned that they want to use Polygon as the first scaling solution for Deposits and Withdrawls

Polygon is funded by Coinbase ventures since its inception

The lead Coinbase wallet developer Pete J Kim, is on the Polygon advisory board

MATIC is going to be exploding here soon, and with all these new projects that the Polygon team is coming out with, I can’t see why people wouldn’t invest in MATIC right now.

Coinbase to Use Polygons ETH Scaling Solutions

Polygon + DraftKings Agreement

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