Don’t listen to self proclaimed Crypto “Influencers”you’re a dumbass if you do


At some point we will be out of this bear market. There will be green dildos galore and we will all be closer to not being in the red. Some of us might even be making profits.

In the jumbled mess that those glorious days will be, I beg you please. Don’t listen to anything anyone on social medias have to sell you.

Those tiktoks titled ”These 10 cryptos will make you a millionaire in 202X” are most definitely not going to. You will make the people pushing for a pump and dump millions, but you will once again be at a loss.

YouTubers claiming to know how the market works are lying to your face. As most folks will remind you here frequently “No one knows fuck about shit”

Celebrities are far more lost about crypto than you are.

So please, keep your head on your shoulders and don’t go following people that remind you of the popular kids in high school.

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