Don’t get your kids/nieces/nephews/cousins crypto instead of a toy


Posts like these (which are likely fake) keep popping up from time to time about people getting the kid in their life crypto as a gift. Please don’t do this instead of giving them a toy. If you want to do this supplementally? Totally cool, a nice gesture. But if you’re just giving them crypto you’re making this gift way more about you than about the child.

I have one uncle who I’ve never known well that did this growing up. He would give us these political books where it was clear he was more interested in promoting what he was passionate about than what we liked. He recently got my little sister some rush limbaugh kids books. The gift was clearly through the lens of what mattered to him, not what mattered to my sister. If you want to give crypto you can, but give it along with something the child will like. I’m a big baseball fan and my 3 year old son doesn’t really care about it. So for his birthday I might get him a baseball book or hat, but I also get him some of the Paw Patrol toys he’s going to go crazy for.

Yes, maybe your niece/nephew/lizard/child will go to the moon off your investment. But they might also come out with nothing. Don’t be the cringy person giving a piece of paper with scrawled out account details on them. Be the cool uncle, and get that badass toy ALONG with the weird details on how to access safemoon in 18 years.

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