DON’T FORGET to earn extra moons by voting in the governance polls!


Round 20 of the Moon distribution isn’t far from us.

This is a friendly reminder to vote in the governance polls. These polls affect how this sub works and also reward every voter with a bonus on top of your earned karma. There is a 5% karma bonus for voting in 1 poll and a 1.25% bonus for each additional poll. With 4 available polls that results in a 8.75% karma bonus in total. There are only a few days left to do this! It would be a shame not to vote.

Users who have voted will also earn a little badge in front of their name. The badge looks like the Capitol building in Washington, but also like a shower. 🙃 If you see users without this badge, be kind and remind them to vote please.

Here’s the pinned post with all the info you need: Moon Week 20 – New Governance Polls and the State of the MOONion

If you want to vote directly in the available polls, here they are:

CCIP-019 – Disable Live Posts CCIP-021 – Temporarily sort comments by newest first after a post is submitted CCIP-022 – Reducing the double-karma for comments within Comedy posts CCIP-023 – Moons Multiplier for the new Flair System

EDIT: Useful extra tips in the comments.

Open your vault if you haven’t already done so! Don’t forget to hold your moons for a 20% bonus.

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