Don’t fool yourself. Next x100 coin is not shilled here.


This sub shilles coins that are already made huge returns. Why? Because general public gain access to cutting edge tech, newest crypto trends only after those coins/tokens gain momentum and make x3-10. How many times MATIC, SOL, ONE, AXIE was shilled here before they exploded?

ADA, ALGO, BTC, ETH etc are great projects and have wonderful future but to assume that they are going to give you biggest returns in the following year is delusional. Where as long term – most probably.

Set your priorities straight, DOYR and hodl. I’m not going to tell you which coin is going to be next x100 or more but it is obvious that following niches are going to disrupt the whole world:

Decentralized identities Decentralized ticketing Metaverse Blockchain powered Gaming Social tokens Everything related to zero knowledge poof (ZKsnarks, zkrollups etc)

Find reliable project in those niches and invest as much as you can afford. Wait for 1-1,5 year and watch the whole Reddit shill those coins/tokens after you already made a fortune on them.

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