Don’t feel bad about the amount you own..


I’ve noticed there are too many people on here that are comparing their portfolio’s to others. Whether it’s the amount of crypto one holds or it’s fiat value, to low buy in’s/high sell offs.

I seen a post the other day about ADA (not trying to shill, just a good example of my point) where in order to vote in the ‘Catalyst Funding’ one would need to own 500 ADA. The amount of people talking down on themselves for not owning that much was sad.

I’d like people to remind themselves that it’s all relative of who you are and more arguably, where you are located in the world. Someone on there said that much ADA was over two months salary, where as in my corner of the world, that much wouldn’t get you a one bedroom apartment in a ‘bad’ neighborhood.

You can afford what you can afford and that’s good for you and you should be proud. The comparison to others is not only hurtful to yourself but also deceiving. Some people have started life in extremely fortunate positions giving the illusion of success. When you have alot of money it’s easier to make money. It’s harder to risk two month’s rent on a crypto investment than a couple % of someone’s ‘fortune’.

TL;DR: Don’t feel bad about other’s success or celebrate their misfortunes. That mindset will only hurt you in the end. Just be happy your in Crypto to some compacity and it’s still early.

Edit: Thank you for the awards, GLTA

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