Don’t cry that you missed out, don’t make the same mistake next time.


I want to encourage everyone here that feel like they missed out on life changing money to not fret. You have a golden opportunity because I firmly believe we’re early. This was my first cycle, but here’s a few things I instantly picked up.

The talk around defi and related projects started happening in mid to late 2020, just before we saw the massive spikes, there were signs everywhere if you payed attention. Elon Musk tweeted about doge when it was like 0.0001 or something crazy like that, he’s one of the richest men alive and has a massive cult following, again the signs were there this wasn’t hard to pick up on or hidden. Meme coins showed up and were exploding right after doge, naturally the bull market was getting pretty hot, next time I’ll know about short term trends to make some nice gains. Do not listen to the people on here, while there is genuinely good advice for solid and stable returns on here, the ignorance and pride on here are not millionaire material. If you want to make x100 or x1000 gains it’ll be up to you to study the cycles and follow your gut.

At some stage another bear market will show up, have a plan. Don’t fomo in now unless it’s projects you’re gonna be in for the longer haul like Btc and Eth. Be prepared however, do not let it slip you by a second time. Of course it’s impossible to catch all the best ones, but all you need is 1 in order for your life to be completely changed, it doesn’t matter which one either, only the gains do.

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