Don’t chase pumping coins, chase underperforming coins!


It might not be a popular strategy but here is how I choose what coins/tokens to buy and sell.

I do hold some eth and btc, but with my extra money I like to chase underdogs. First, I try to stick with coins that are at least in the top 50 market caps to minimize risk. Then, I look for the worst performing coins of the week and allocate a small amount to each of them. I usually pick 3-4 different coins.

Eventually, every coin that has been around for a while and has a big market cap end up dumping and pumping one day or another. That is the whole point of my strategy.

When a coin I bought low finally pumps, I sell and then reallocate my profit to the next underdog, and so on. Personally, I sell between 10-20% gains.

Of course, it is still very risky, and you should always read about a coin that has recently plumetted to make sure theres no obvious reason.

A lot of people will probably downvote me because I dont choose coins based on their technology but it worked for me so go ahead and do what you must do!

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