Don’t buy the dip.


(This was my post 110 days ago which never got approved)

Dip is 10-20% down. Don’t buy it.

When it happens, Redditors will jump on you screaming BUY THE DIP directly to your ear. Don’t buy it. You’re calm, your mind is clear, you aren’t fueled by emotions.

Soon it will dip 20-30%. You will notice frequent memes like

What I thought was the dip. The dip. The actual dip. The actual dips dip.

Logically, you still don’t take the bait. You play the waiting game. You are in charge here.

Next leg is minus 30-40%. Some people are borrowing money to buy here, since they spent all of their money on previous dips. Some people start questioning is this just a correction or bearmarket. You will notice posts like

When Bitcoin was 60k you wished you bought it at 40k. Now it’s below 40k buy now as you promissed!

You just smirk reading this post, take a sip of your tea, scroll down, turn on radio or something.

Next leg is minus 40-60% from ATH. Alts are massacred. You will notice that no one will even mention buying the dip, even as a joke. Even people who bought the dips are now down so much, that their stress is somehow even as the literal top buyers. People are now posting predictions of low will it go.

At this point, you start stretching. Counting your money. Calculating how much can you afford to spend on crypto. Getting prepared for the last stage.

60-80% correction, bearmarket acceptance and capitulation phase

Suicide hotline number is posted, and pinned by moderators. Divorce rates increase. People are selling for a loss, because they are emotionally damaged and don’t want to play this game anymore. Others are just deleting apps related to crypto on their phones. Moonboys are out. Newbies are out. Sub is pretty much dead, low number of comments and posts. There isn’t hope on a horizon.

This is where you start buying. You also accumulate every now or then when you can afford. You do this for next two years or whenever next rally starts. Here’s how to recognize when to exit, also know as top signals:

Matt Damon calls you a (curse word) for not owning a Bitcoin

Athletes shilling you coins or NFTs

Talk show hosts changing Twitter avatars to cartoon monkeys

Katty Perry having shitcoins on her nails

Miley Cyrus giving you financial advices

Increasing numbers of Tiktok investing gurus

Onlyfans girls giving you investing tips

Youtubers giving round number predictions like 100k 500k 1mm price eoy

Talking hat showing you meme lines where number only go up till infinity

Third world countries gambling with tax payers money on crypto

Michael Saylor buying Bitcoin

Anyone telling you this time will be different

Anyone telling you there are no bubbles in new financial paradigm

Take profits here and repeat the process. Thank me later.

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