Don’t Buy or Support NFT’s from Institutions or Famous People Who Haven’t Been Part of Crypto for a While


So NFT’s are somewhat of a contentious topic, some of us here think they’re the greatest thing to hit crypto since Defi while others think they’re dumb a cash grab or money laundering.

Regardless where you fall in this argument I’d encourage people to not support NFTs from rich families, celebrities or institutions who haven’t been a part of crypto or supportive of crypto for at least a couple years.

Recently the Rockefeller family tried dropping a Christmas Tree NFT, we’ve seen other celebrities and corporations try to jump into the NFT space and roll out NFT’s. We should be supporting people who’ve been in this space and who have been supportive of crypto for at least a couple years, we shouldn’t be supporting some evil family or Lindsay Lohan or whomever else who just decides to jump into the space for a quick cash grab. In a way we’re giving these people even more power into our space by giving them free money as opposed to making them use their billions to just buy into the space which in turn would increase the value of our own crypto.

I guess what I’m saying is support independent artists, support people whov’e been in the space for years, don’t buy a Rockefeller Christmas Tree NFT, don’t buy some Nintendo NFT that rolls out, etc.


I saw another post a minute ago that Tai Lopez is creating an NFT in partnership with RadioShack. I haven’t had a chance to read the article but as much as Tai Lopez is a piece of trash, I’d support an NFT from Tai Lopez before I would from say Nintendo because at least Tai Lopez, all be it in a scammy spammy way, was into crypto since way back in 2016 or 2017 and brought a lot of people into the space

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