Don’t buy into pumps. Buy coins that currently have a low volume and dominance, but are usually big players!


Now, it seems like we are entering one of the hottest phases in the bullmarket. With the hopes of high gains, many people here seem to chase specifically pumps or buy into them, while they are already happening. However, this might often end up in you buying high and the chart of that specific coin going down.

At the same time, people are losing hope on coins like Link, Algo, Ada or Tezos (etc., there are many many more) just because they aren’t pumping. But ironically, that’s exactly what you should be looking for.

Those are all well established names in the current bullrun and if you researched their fundamentals, you should still believe in them. Price is one component in evaluating an asset but it doesn’t define a good and a bad project.

Search for well established coins. If they haven’t pumped yet, even better. So you will be the one to laugh next time, when the stuff starts to pump and you’ve been there from the start, just because you knew: That’s a solid project, it’s not going anywhere in the next 3 months, I should probably buy it.

Don’t chase pumps like LRC, or some new memecoins. If you read about something here, it’s most likely too late***.*** And if you do it, consider it gambling, but invest in those mentioned above.

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