Don’t be greedy.


So May 11 I decided to get on the Luna train as it was crashing to make some quick cash on the expected turnaround. At 9am est i bought $34,000 for an average coin price of $1.90. I originally was going to sell 1/3 each at 1.75x, 2.5x, and 3.25x. I didn’t set up sell orders for this plan. I decided 4x sounded good. It didn’t happen. I saw my balance go from $118k to $12 in 2 days. I could have sold at $118k. I had my finger on the sell button but i was so confident in that 4x. It never reached there and it never will. At this point i decided I’m too greedy for crypto. If this is also your personality it’s a good idea to get out before something even worse happens. Fortunately my wife and i make good money, but feeling that $34k loss in 2 days hurts. This year i lost our family $80k trading crypto. This is why they say don’t invest more than you are willing to lose. I will not be investing until we have 6 months of cash in emergency funds and a paid off mortgage. My personality will only lose money. I wish you all good luck in your investments. Don’t be greedy!

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