DOGECUBE team will send some DOGECUBE tokens to everyone posting their RADIX wallet address in the comments for this LUCKY FRIDAY the 13th. Up to a total of 66 666 666 tokens (~$10,000 at current price


As the title says, today for LUCKY FRIDAY the 13th, DOGECUBE team will give away a bunch of DOGECUBE tokens to everyone who comments on this thread until Friday 13th 23h59 UTC! On top of that we will giveaway 5 NFT prizes to 5 random participants!


Thanks to Radix ( – the next generation layer 1 protocol it is deployed on – DOGECUBE is todays most scalable INU that does not compromise on decentralization and security, all WHILE maintaining full atomic composability!

In the middle of the rise of memecoins and RADIX in 2021, DOGECUBE the 3-headed INU was born as the first INU to celebrate RADIX founder Dan Hughes and its revolutionary DLT protocol: Cerberus. Seeing the rise of web3 communities and the influence that memecoins can have to onboard new users to such a disruptive technology, DOGECUBE’s philosophy is to enlighten market participants around Radix, bring fun events, create new crypto connections and help each other navigate in this mind blowing ecosystem.

A bit like Samoyed on Solana, but bigger, better, faster stronger and with 3 heads! A simple memecoin? Much more, Radix’s cute INU Ambassador.

DOGECUBE is unlike other memecoins. First, its supply was airdropped for FREE to members who posted memes in the weekly brawl events against other INUs over the past 6 months, incentivizing creative and fun quality content. Second, by not running any ICO, the token is compliant with global crypto regulations. Last but not least, such distribution system provided a fair sharing of the supply among its community and eliminates the risk of single entities having complete control over market price.

Here’s some of DOGECUBE’s achievements over the past months:

⭐️ Created in August 2021, 8 billions tokens FIXED supply

⭐️ 25 memebrawls against other INUs tokens, during a 6 months period

⭐️ Organic growth > 4k community (at

⭐️ Listed on XTcom, Digifinex, P2PB2B, Vindax, and more in the pipe

⭐️ Community made automatic swap with Radix pair, providing the first platform to trade Radix altcoins (at

⭐️ NFT project launched that features 10 000 NFTs, with the community deciding on traits prior to minting (at

What’s even more exciting, our crown jewel, an upcoming decentralized INDEX to be launched in Q1 2023, where DogeCube stakeholders will be able to vote and choose which top Radix altcoin projects are to be included!

How to participate in this event ?

You will need a RADIX wallet address to participate in this giveaway.

Get your wallet here : desktop at, mobile at RADBAG.IO

The giveaway will end Friday 13th 23h59 UTC, the reward to be equally shared among all participants.

Giveaway will be performed this weekend, once all data is cleaned and ready.

Don’t miss your chance at getting yourself some free DOGECUBE!


Hop over to our TELEGRAM community (, or follow us on twitter ( Our amazing community and friendly moderators will be there to help you with any questions!

NOTE: Thanks a lot to /crytocurrency mods and community for such event, especially JWINTERM who has been excellent on the communication and support for planning this event.

Didn’t receive a reply after posting your address? You should still receive your reward this weekend.

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