Dogechain is now home of a wave of new memecoins


As expected, i think dogechain was used for the exact purpose it was designed for. A series of useless shitcoins where a lot of speculation takes place.

A few weeks after the launch, Dogechain now has a lot of new meme tokens. Some of them are quite funny ( take for example).

I’d like to ask you, folks, if you think it’s worth gambling some cash on these sorts of newly founded tokens. On one side, i think they can quickly lead to losses ( +/- 50% a day), but on the other side, getting early on the right meme, on a newly developed blockchain specifically created for this might be quite a gain.

Just to make it clear… i know that this is gambling, not investing or something, but I’m curious if you also consider gambling on meme coins. If you do/don’t, what are your reasons?

Thx and good luck out there 😀

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