Doge was the 1st coin my father bought back in April.


It was the heat of the Bullrun and and i couldn’t keep my mouth shut about the gains (which is always a recipe for disaster) so my father asked me to set up a Binance account for him. I did and the 1st coin he bought was Doge.

Doge at about 40 and Vet at 24 cents was his 1st purchases.

We dont like Doge around here but that coin made millions of people join crypto. but thats not the point of this story.

My dad spent total of about 500 dollars buying coins in span of few months.(which is A LOT for him cuz he lives in Iran) Here is the list of what he bought: Doge, Vet, Shiba, Wink, Bnb, Hot, Tlm, Btc, Xrp, Eos, Btt, Zil, Vtho, Ankr and Hbar.

1st of all you can see how many cheap coins in terms of per coin are in that list and why people use this honey trapping tactic to gain new comers and why you should always remember that price per coin is irrelevant and only Market cap matters.

long story short that market crashed and i had no idea what my dad was doing in all this time. he called me one day and said that his investments are now worth 200 dollars. knowing that this was on me i take it to myself to fix this. i took away his binance account and started to DCA my way into the crashing market. i added 400 more US dollars into his porto on my own. i did this in weekly basis and sorted out his porto with coins that i personally like.

Today im happy to announce that his porto looks like this with only Eth, Sol, Dot and Ftm and im returning his account to him.

This is why DCA works great in downtrend markets and u should really DYOR coins.

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