Does your wife/girlfriend or partner know how often you check crypto charts and r/CryptoCurrency?


Just curious, my wife has no idea what is really going on through my head when it comes to crypto. She knows about Moons but thinks crypto is a big scam and doesn’t want to hear a thing about it. So I don’t/can’t talk with her about it. I have this online community of like-minded folks who may be just as insane about crypto as I am, and who fantasize about their future of not (or only partially) working a job.

What do all your wives / GF’s / partners think about crypto in general? Do you talk with them about it? Did they get sick of hearing about it from you, like mine did, and you turned to Reddit to find friends who are equally as passionate? Does anyone wanna go to a beach with me some day and drink beers / margaritas together, cheers-big because we made it? Love you guys!

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