Does Mark Zuckerberg? actually believe his company and it’s incredibly shady dealings can earn our trust? Does this man really think people want to be a part of his data farmverse?


Facebook is pushing so hard into the metaverse and web3 that they changed their name to meta. My question to you is this. Do they really think we’re going to be falling for it? Do they think this will somehow salvage their reputation or we’ll forget that Facebook is literally a blood sucking leech that has made a fortune off breaking our trust and selling our data? I don’t know about you guys but my metaverse is on Polygon, an actual team that I know isn’t going to dehumanize and sell me for profit. It’s not going to be on meta and I don’t think yours is going to be there either.

One of the main reasons why I even got into this whole web3 shindig was to escape from the grip companies like Facebook and Google have on the internet right now. Not only does meta want to sell our data on the metaverse, they want a 50% cut of sales for doing it too. What a fucking joke. I personally think this is going to be the biggest flop in tech history. Can’t wait to grab a big old tub of buttery popcorn and watch it all go up in flames.

I understand some may argue that they are bringing eyes to the space but at what cost? I don’t care what they do for the space, no one should be using a service that blatantly abuses your privacy. The little bastard literally said they’re going to be tracking your facial expressions to “serve you better”, yeah okay bud. This is honestly quite scary and I hope it fails like the massive dumpster fire that it is.

I’d like to remind everybody of some reasons why you may have gotten into the blockchain. Privacy, anonymity and security for me, Facebook’s metaverse and Facebook as a whole does not fit into this space. It is not welcome here.

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