Does anyone know what a NFT Withdrawal is? Loopring submitted this 8 hours ago and Speculation that they are working on a NFT Marketplace with Direct Onramps to L2? Anyone have a perspective on Loopring?!?


Looking for other’s perspectives on Loopring and what they just did, and if it is any indication to launching a NFT Marketplace.

Here is the crypto code I am asking about:


Will fill the box with other content now … taken directly from the inter-net, none my own words.

What is Loopring used for? Loopring says its objective is “to design and engineer the best-in-class zkRollup exchange and payment protocol on Ethereum, and to operate products that bring it to users across the world”. The Loopring token (LRC) is the native token of the Loopring protocol, and can be used to pay fees on Loopring L2.

Loopring is a software running on Ethereum that aims to incentivize a global network of users to operate a platform that enables the creation of new types of crypto asset exchanges.

One of an emerging number of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, Loopring uses multiple cypto, including its own LRC cryptocurrency, to together provide for this platform.

Most notably, Loopring claims its platform will allow exchanges built on top of it to sidestep the slow speeds and high costs associated with decentralized exchanges on Ethereum through the use of a newer type of cryptography called zero-knowledge rollups, or zkRollups.

With zkRollups, Loopring asserts its exchanges can offer faster settlements for traders. Rather than settling trades on the Ethereum blockchain directly (as other decentralized exchanges do), zkRollups enable Loopring exchanges to complete key computations elsewhere.

The idea is that this can reduce the number of transactions that a Loopring exchange will need to submit to the Ethereum network, thus increasing speed and reducing costs for traders.

This is in contrast to other decentralized exchanges, where trades require transactions to be confirmed by the Ethereum network, taking minutes instead of seconds or milliseconds.

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