Does anyone have a spouse that is also interested in crypto?


I started getting on the crypto world and gradually bought some coins, always talking about my financial decision with my wife.

At first she was skeptical, but as I got more interested, she started watching some videos and we began talking about some concepts and she eventually began investing in crypto also.

Now it’s a common talking point how our crypto investments are holding or playing out, researching some coins etc, like a hobby for us, to engage together.

Does any of you also have a spouse invested in crypto or am I lucky to have someone that took the same interest that I did?

Or maybe a sibling, parent, friend, anyone really close to you that you can talk freely about crypto and share thoughts and this beautiful world of cryptocurrencies

EDIT: thanks for all the replies and wholesome stories shared, this is great to hear! As I can’t give awards, I’m tipping moons to those with the best comments who have less moons than me or to the ones that really made me laugh. I’ll be back after work to see the rest of the comments

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