Does anyone else feel like after discovering Cryptocurrency they are part of a secret club now?


I did really well cashing out some profits once when we were at 53k roughly a week ago and man, it’s been sending me chills.

I know lots of friends who are struggling with debt, and I feel bad for them. It’s weird having to keep the reality of knowing I doubled my profits from buying at 29k Bitcoin, and some other alts were way more than that.

I can’t tell the girls I’m dating I’m into some weird crytocurrency stuff, they don’t understand it or get it. My family thinks I’m a fool. I have ONE friend I trust telling at least I am in it.

The rest of my friends are this subreddit. We’re over here dreaming about Lambos and talking about those gains. This is the best community and the only community, it’s like a secret club where you actually know how to make money. There’s all these get rich quick schemes, and even though crypto isn’t that, it’s a promising place that helps people become financially free.

I feel really bad for people who fall for scams. Just invest in Crypto. I want to help but I don’t think I am the one for the job. I enjoy it here and feeling like you are part of the Crypto community is very rewarding in of itself.

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