Do you have any real life crypto friends?


Or just people you discuss crypto with in real life?

I don’t really talk to anyone outside of internet forums like this about crypto and I’m not usually that specific about my investments due to (perhaps justified) paranoia. It’s not that ‘BTCboyOG69420’ necessarily feels like an overwhelmingly untrustworthy character, it’s that once that info is posted on the internet, it’s essentially accessible by anyone – not that my puny portfolio would be of much interest to most people.

Obviously I don’t know how it would feel to have someone IRL to speak to about my investments, because I’ve not really experienced it, but it seems like it might be nice to have someone you could discuss specifics with and trust.

Those who do discuss/ have discussed crypto with people IRL, what’s it like? How’d it go?

Those who don’t and have chosen not to, why?

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