Do you guys know about DeFiChain? Amazing upcoming project that I have recently discovered that is rallying right now


Hey guys, looking for a high staking coin I recently found DeFiChain. DFI is a well established young project that aims to bring decentralized finance to Bitcoin. It is based on the Bitcoin blockchain, but it is an independent blockchain. While a lot of DeFi happens in the Ethereum blockchain, DFI focuses on the BTC blockchain because they believe it to be as important as the ETH blockchain.

The fees are super super low and the rewards for staking are crazy high, at 56% APY as of now. The DEX is already working well and they recently released their mobile app. There’s a HUGE update coming, called Fort Canning, that is going to be introducing native protocol supportfor decentralised loans. This is bringing auctions, bids and stock tokens based on real prices. Composite swap is also being added, enabling swapping across up to 3 pool pairs.

The devs are amazing and so is the community, they interact a lot with each other. This project feels like it comes out of pure passion, there wasn’t any ICO, tokens were airdropped and the devs are constantly funding the community ideas to continue expanding DFI.

If you want to know more about it, you can check or join the telegram channel (can’t post the link, I can DM it) to ask around!

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