Do you believe that 99% of crypto will go to 0



If not why? There are over 22, 000 projects

If 1% survive that would be close to 200 projects – that doesn’t include new projects yet to come. It’s clear this space is growing but is there even a need for 200 projects?

Many projects from prior bull markets are gone, never to come back. Many believe regulation is coming and most crypto projects are deemed securities by the SEC – with bitcoin being the only exception of course

You often see many shills, pumps, rugs, fraud, bots that are rampant in bull markets. Even projects with promising developers.

Unfortunately the bear markets of 2014, 2018, 2022 has been a humble reminder of the risk of crypto projects – especially with exchanges going under. Institutions are cautious and governments.

Long term I’m in the camp bitcoin and certain alt coins will succeed and time is on our side.

Which projects do you believe in?

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