Do not get too excited, the bear market is yet to come


With today’s price rise lots of us, investors are looking very positive into coming days, weeks, months, but nothing could be more wrong, it is only happening to liquidate shorts and the prices should/will drop even more in coming days/weeks.

We have seen it so many times, but people are still falling for it. The greed has been coded in human nature. As we are still very early there are still so many new comers to crypto world everyday, as we needed to educate ourselves in the first place, now we can help educate our friends and pretty much everyone who’s investing in crypto.

Just remember to keep buying in ”red” days and selling when you have made great profit, when you’re feeling it’s the right time to sell which is really hard to determine sometimes.

Keep positive and DCA as the life changing money will be made by the patient ones!

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