Do NOT click on the Coinbase email to confirm your billing account


I don’t care who thinks this is a stupid post. I just got a scam email so I am sure others here did too from what looks like Coinbase. First of all, “Confirmation billing account has been update” is not a sentence. The word is “updated”. The body of the email contains similar grammatical errors. Second, I don’t receive a bill from Coinbase so I wouldn’t need to update anything. They make money when I buy or sell.

I know this may seem obvious to many of you, but some people here are new and might think these sort of scam emails are real. Do not click the link.

Also, the real clear giveaway, it says to give them a call with any questions and lists a phone number (that probably is part of the scam and not a real Coinbase #). As if Coinbase customer service is sitting around waiting to help me 🙄.

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