DO NOT buy SQUID – big scam


So long story short, you can buy SQUID but can’t sell it. It may look like an amazing investment with the crazy growth but it is a huge con. Let me explain what the article says:

On PancakeSwap you can buy into SQUID, but not sell. You can only sell when you have Marbles. Marbles are only earnable through playing the game You use your SQUID to ‘buy in’. The first level buy in is 456 SQUID which at the current price of $37 each is $16,872 in total. All this just to play level one where you can lose it all.

Clearly people are buying in on the hype, getting suckered and then buying more in the hope of getting out, driving the price up. They see their asset being worth potentially millions and then buy to try and get out but are stuck in an endless loop of horror.

Having watched the series, it weirdly reflects the show quite well, but please don’t get suckered in by this and avoid at all costs!

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