Do Kwon takes his Twitter private after a “semi-joke.” Meanwhile, some people in his community are starving and counting on LFG refund to survive.


After making a “semi-joke” and Luna crashing over 23%, Do Kwon has went into hiding as as the Terra ecosystem crashes even more.

Joke for reference:

“(semi joke idea) tinder. U pay tokens for swipe, if someone swipes right on you you get tokens, If you match the tokens go to the dao. Hot girls print money. SimpDAO.”

Also, from FatMan’s tweet he stated he is in contact with three people who are starving and counting on LFG refund to survive:

Here are some bonus shots. While I love a good joke, I also find it sickening that Do Kwon has the ability to act this chipper after people have literally died at his hands. Three people in direct contact with me are starving and are counting on the LFG refund to survive. (17/17)


Context of joke:

The “semi-joke idea” mechanism is a term often used as a way of suggesting ideas without damaging an individual’s reputation. If the validator laughs at the suggestion, the proposer has achieved their goal.

Do Kwon’s ideas are objectively absurd given the nature of the situation he finds himself in. Humor can be used as a coping mechanism, but in Do Kwon’s case, he is tasked with stabilizing the Terra ecosystem.


Source of DK going private:

Or go check his Twitter out, didn’t want to post a direct link to it.

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