Discord CEO announces Discord + Ethereum integration. And no coiners are going ape shit, threatening boycott, calling crypto ‘planet destroyer CO2 gazzz hurdur’.





We are still so early if this is the case. These etsy and twitter ‘artists’ are swarming over discordd’s feedback website to voice their discontent over crypto integration into the app.

Might I also introduce you to some of the finest FUDs when electricity and railroad were first introduced?

anti electricity propaganda:


anti rail road propaganda:


And now we have these people. No longer are they just ‘old man yelling at bitcoins’… these are young people, often artists, often broke, often complaining about billionaires and ‘the rich’, often complaining about housing prices, often whining about how they can’t afford to live.

Yet when there is this great wealth equalizer, instead of spending 10 hours researching into the tech, they choose to rehash whatever bullshit CNBC feeds them.

I’ll let you figure out of these people are GMI next 10 years.

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