Discord cancelled its plan to implement Crypto, after backlash from nocoiners. Yet another company did a 180 on adopting crypto. We must be co-ordinate better if we have to see crypto get adopted widely.


Discord earlier announced that they will implement crypto features, and even teased screenshots of what looked like crypto and NFT features in their product. It looked like they had been working on crypto implementation for a while.

But since they did that, nocoiners have been constantly threatening them, claiming they will cancel their subscription if Discord implements crypto.

As a result, their CEO just announced that they are infact not going to be implementing crypto at this point.

Discord CEO: We have no plans to ship this internal concept

After Discord announced their plan, the nocoiner gang were very visibly organised in trying to cancel Discord. Over 100k posts were made on the Discord forums, threatening Discord to either stop their adoption of crypto, or these nocoiners will cancel their Discord subscription. Several popular accounts posted threads on Twitter asking people to “vote with their money” and cancel their Discord subscriptions.

As a result, Discord pulled the plug.

Absolutely no one from crypto side told Discord that their move was welcome. No one tried to tell Discord how wrong these nocoiner arguments were.

Majority of those in crypto were happy to be shilling their coins here, watching numbers go up while yet another big company did a 180 on adopting crypto due to the pressure from nocoiners. They are so far winning these battles.

As a community, we need to do better.

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