Did I just paid 80 bucks for transferring $2.49?


Yea, I fucking did! And I really need to vent so bear with me here. I’ve been doing loads of crypto related stuff this evening and it’s all been super confusing so feeling mentally exhausted. I’ve set up MetaMask but had an issue depositing ETH from CDC. It took forever but I’ve managed to solve it and even sent it on Arbitrum (which I also had to figure out) saving myself the fees (the fucking fees…). I was so proud of myself ( the simplest of tech confuses the hell out of me) I decided to reward myself with a pack of gods unchained cards. Side note, I’m not a gamer, haven’t played a game in the last 20 years, but got hooked on GU and haven’t stopped playing since the weekend (this might also explain why I’m dead tired)…. More issues followed connecting Immutable X and MetaMask. Transactions failed. Finally I found a post somewhere on Reddit saying the payment comes out of IMX and not MetaMask and you have to make sure you have transferred the funds to the prior. So I did…. The windows were popping up i was connecting and signing mindlessly but the split second I pressed deposit I remembered …. Check the bloody fees!!!! It was too late….

Proud owner of the most expensive rare pack here 😅

I think it’s time to shut down the laptop and go outside

EDIT: for those interested, the pack I got was the Divine Order… feeling truly blessed 😂

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