Detailed plan on how to make money with shitcoins


I’ll let you know the plan I’ve used to make money out of shit coins.

1 – Wait for a bear market

2 – Go to the CMC filter for meme coins.

3 – Sort by “Volume 24h”

4 – Decide how much you want to invest. I limit my shitcoin exposure to 10% of portfolio

5 – Divide the total amount by 10 and buy each of the top 10 coins with more volume

6 – Wait for a bull run and make money. One of those you bought will most likely pump

7 – Don’t freak out if you get rug pulled in 2 or 3. The one that will pump will pay for your loss.

8 – Repeat as many times you like.

I know a lot of people is against shitcoins by principle. Let me tel you quote from Groucho Marx: Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others

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