Despite acting like visionaries, everyone in this sub would’ve sold ETH after the 2016 DAO hack


Everyone in this sub claims they’re in it for the long term, that they care about the tech…

Yet if the 2016 Ethereum DAO hack happened today, this sub would’ve called it a shitcoin, dug up some slightly questionable moment from Vitalik’s past and used it as definite proof of him being a fraud who was only ever in it for the money.

We see it all the time in this sub.

Charles hoskinson makes dumb claims about his education history? He’s a liar, Write off ADA!

Solana goes down while in beta? Unusable shitcoin! Anyone holding is brain dead!

No one ever learns that short term stumbles don’t mean much at all, if the underlying tech, team and vision remain sound. That’s not me claiming SOL and ADA are sure shots to hit ETH level, but making a comparison of the early issues.

The 2015 scalability issues weren’t the end of Bitcoin, the DAO hack wasn’t the end of ethereum, because no piece of tech has ever been flawless from the start, that’s why patches and updates are a thing. Stop being overly reactive and jumping at every chance to shit on anything that has a minor stumble, because all the best coins begun like that as well.

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