DeFi really isn’t that hard to learn. It just seems hard because we’ve always been used to banks taking care of our finances.


One thing holding back DeFi from being more mainstream than it currently is, is the fact that it’s perceived “hard” to learn.

And yeah sure, DeFi (as with any other form of finance) has its own difficulties but its really not rocket science.

With a couple days worth of research a dozen transactions here and there, you’ll be up and running.

One would think finance is pretty easy but in reality its really not. In fact I’d argue DeFi is simpler than traditional finance in certain areas due to how transparent it is.

We seriously need to get rid of this narrative that “DeFi is hard to learn” because its stunning much needed growth.

DeFi offers SO MANY more perks and advantages that traditional finance and centralized finance don’t.

And its really not “expensive” anymore. There are Ethereum based organizations like BitDAO investing hundreds of millions of dollars into Ethereum scaling solutions like Mantle that are making gas fees completely negligible.

DeFi might seem a little intimidating, and yeah you’re gonna make some mistakes and lose some money here and there. But don’t let that get to you. Its a much, MUCH better alternative than traditional finance of CeFi.

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