“Decentraland (MANA)” – Mashup of ‘Decentralized Land’ So “decentralized” that all of the land is being sold by 1 single owner


‘Decentraland (MANA)’ – Mashup of ‘Decentralized Land. So “decentralized” that all of the land is being sold by 1 single owner; the owner of the platform has all of the rights to all the land. So this one owner(or group of owners) sets the price and rules for owning land. I know the word decentralized gets thrown around a lot these days and is one of those things where the true concept and the public’s perception of the word are growing further and further apart. But this is such a blatant misuse, that it crosses into the territory of a gross lie. Am I missing something that would convince me this is truely decentralized so that they put it in their name?

Am starting my own metaverse, it’s going to be called Constantinopleland. Where the first owners of the land have to fight to the death for property rights. All roman empire weapons at first and the map will slowly evolve to whatever is it’s destiny. Minecraft style scavenging and crafting, with real-world chemical elements.

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