Decentraland is Awful


Now I’m not hating on anyone who bought it, and I’m not even saying Mana won’t continue to grow and make people profits but… god it’s trash.

I have a hard time fathoming anyone ever looking at that “game”, Second Life wannabe or whatever, and saying “yes, this is the metaverse I want to sink all my time into.” It’s empty, and ugly, and laggy, and it’s going to be done so much better by someone else. It’s only the popular buy because it was one of the only metaverses you could even invest in for a long time, but no way will this game stand the test of time.

Maybe I’ll be eating my words someday, for anyone with big bags of Mana I hope it continues to do well and truly improve, but I had to sell mine. Moved it into Enjin and Gala, broader metaverse plays that don’t depend on the success of just one project. But then again for all I know this is a Fortnite-before-Battle-Royale situation 🤷🏻‍♂️

All I know is that as a gamer, tech enthusiast, and someone with a job, there’s no way I would ever waste my time in Decentraland as it stands now.

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